Paul and Elissa Gaiardo

Business Manager- International ITW Construction, Asia Pacific.

“Alf and his team helped us to transform our lives. Through intentional life design and execution, we have moved from being ad hoc, stressed and anxious, to aligned and on the same page, all supported with new personal skills that will hopefully last a lifetime. What could be better!”

Patrick McLay

Partner - Deloitte, Melbourne

“What Alf does is quite unique in the market, but in my mind it is the only way to go about structuring one’s financial affairs – firstly understanding what you want for the future and only then putting together a financial framework to achieve those goals with peace of mind.”

J Lawry - FCPA

“I found the presentation by Alf both informative, inspiring and thought provoking. Attendance would be worthwhile, to enable both those in mid-career and those thinking about the autumn of their careers, to re-focus and “live life on purpose.”


“What I personally found of most benefit is how the process lead us both to clarify what's really important to us in life. Once we got beyond the artificial and material wants, we discovered what was sitting at our core.
My experience is that most of us know what we do, some of us know how we do it, but very few of us give much thought to why we do what we do. This process helped us to discover our own driving force (the why), which gave us the template and the motivation to start making some significant life changing decisions.”

Francois and Tania Steyn

CEO - Kockums Bulk Systems