'Don't Retire, Refire' - An Intro

Currently society's expectation is that those aged 55+ should be retiring, if not already retired.  

Interestingly the concept of retirement has not been around for very long.  It’s not something that goes back hundreds of years.  The first recorded use of the term was by a German Chancellor called Bismarck in the early 1880’s.  He invented to concept of retirement to deal with a falling economy and political issue at the time.   However, it was not until the 1930 depression that the concept was  embraced by the western world.

Back then, being midway through the industrial age, the concept of retirement made sense in that a 18 year old could shovel more coal into a furnace than a 65 year old.  Physical ability was important.  However, since then, we have moved out of the industrial age,  through the information age and are now entering what the author Daniel Pink calls the conceptional age – the age of the artist, entrepreneur and creator.

During this new era, mental strength and wisdom may be far more important than physical strength.  Additionally, many well-respected experts believe that with an effective mindset, mental strength and wisdom may increase with age rather than decrease.

“Retirement’s” original meaning was to be "put out of use". Whilst being "put out of use" may have been attractive 50 years ago (end of the industrial age), today it's not.  And this experience is not just for the senior’s in society.   Future predictions point to entire workforces from age 20 to 55 being “put out of use” due to new technologies.

Additionally, compelling new evidence from a number of well-respected medical authorities’ links traditional retirement & being “put out of use” with diminished physical, mental, emotional & relationship health.

Notion: what's going on now isn't working, there has to be a better way and we think that there is a better way.  ReFire is the new paradigm to replace the old retire paradigm. ReFire means to bring out your best, and in the process make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

This new paradigm would promote multiple career portfolios, bringing your passions into life, creating new work opportunities, and finding meaning and authenticity in our life’s journey. ReFirement is dedicated to a vision of our world where a full life doesn't begin or end at a certain age, or on someone else’s timetable - To ReFire means we start living a full life today!

And you can ReFire at any age.

This blog is dedicated to the quest of discovering insights and the tools of ReFiring.  I’m personally looking forward to my own ReFirement, opening the possibility of life being a continuous adventure. Why don’t you come and join me on this adventure of a lifetime?